Passionate about sports and movement and always searching for new things, I discovered Yoga in 2005. There was no love at first sight, though in 2010 I was ready to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga and finished my first training in India. This tasted like more, so I kept myself inspired by following all sorts of yoga styles and several trainings.

Angelique says: "I am a Dutch yogini, a former nomad, an ex-traveller and now a proud yogi-mum of two boys on an everlasting journey called life! Through my yoga practice I learn about myself. I have learned to become more conscious: being the observer of my thoughts. I am not a saint. I like wine and I love chocolate cake and I am pretty sure I tend to judge from time to time. What I find important is being the best version of myself. I don't practice yoga to get better at yoga, but I practice yoga to get better in life: trying to cultivate a peaceful, kind-hearted, attentive presence that permeates my daily actions.

I believe we can only grow in life if we are willing to step out of our comport zone!"

I am self-employed and sharing my love for yoga is what I do for a living. I teach classes at different places and I am part of the Balanzs teacher training team. If you want to know more, just drop me an e-mail and you can find me on FB (Angelique Schutten) and IG (angeliyoga)